Gallery of abstract paintings

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My pictures preserve feelings, tell stories or are silent mediators with a message to those who want to listen. I love to encrypt my thoughts into geometric shapes and to allot emotions gradually with a touch of color shades. I always paint directly on canvas, do not make preparatory sketches, so that I don’t lose the zest of the moment I want to capture.

In my work, I use geometry and colors to achieve a positive simplification of the world around us. I am an eternal optimist with the belief that in the future everything will intersect as intended, the uttered words will be elucidated and everything unfinished will be completed. My aim and hope is that the pictures will draw your attention and give you lightness and a portion of carefreeness at least for that short time of eye contact.

This gallery presents a selection of my works from 2012 to the present and some of the paintings are for sale. If any of them catches your interest or if you would like to commission a custom made painting, do not hesitate to contact me.

Round shapes

Framed shapes

Trilogy paintings