Custom made abstract paintings

Participate in the process of creation with your own story!

An original painting designed directly for your home is a joy to enjoy for the rest of your life. It’s not just a design piece hanging on your wall, it captures your own story. Such a painting communicates with you every day, it reminds you of yourself and the emotions you have put into it. The custom made painting is a play of shapes, colors and feelings, it is a cluster of energy that communicates with everything in the interior, and in this way uniquely complements the atmosphere of the place where you live.

When I work on custom paintings, I feel it is important to have the clients participate in the process of creation. They are the first to envision the picture, to tell their story or to communicate the emotion they want to capture for the rest of their lives. You narrate, I listen, only then I transform your words into colors and geometric shapes on the canvas. The creation of the painting is a shared process in which I am happy to find my expression in synergy with you.

The paintings for sale can be found in my gallery. If you are interested in custom made geometric abstraction, do not hesitate to contact me.