I got Petra’s business card with the image of her painting “Drops of Joy” from our mutual friend long before we even started thinking about buying a house. But when it happened, the idea for a perfect painting was clear. As we moved in, I contacted Petra and we immediately clicked. Every encounter with her is incredibly inspiring. Besides, the possibility to influence the painting in progress so that I could fully identify with the result was most exciting for me. By integrating the story in geometric shapes and delicate colors, a beautiful piece of art came into being. We found a perfect placement for it in our new home and it caresses my soul every day. A piece of Petra stays always with us, and I believe that the bond this painting created between us will become stronger in the future. I cherish and admire Petra.

Ivana Majerechová, Prague, painting: Wings of an Angel

The picture painted for me by Petra Skopalová fulfilled or even surpassed my expectations. I want to emphasize that I really enjoyed Petra’s individual approach: she did not hesitate to come to our house, explained the process of creation to me, talked about colors, shapes and stories behind her canvases, but also looked at the place where the painting would be installed. Thanks to this preparation, she was able not only to create geometric abstract painting composed of the colors I fancied, but also to capture the moods, feelings and wishes I described to her.

Marcela Fialová, Prague, painting: The Moment of Falling Asleep

After moving into a new apartment we could not agree with my husband how to decorate two walls, each of us had a different idea. Fortunately we met Ms. Skopalová who helped us to clarify what we want and what the paintings should represent. In this process, a special story of two pictures came into being, which we love to tell our visitors. We can highly recommend working with Ms. Skopalová.

Ivana and Jaroslav Mach, Zbraslav, painting: Shall We Dance

Petra Skopalová designed a painting for my family entitled Family Crystal, which narrates an interesting story. It is unbelievable how the author can handle any topic with such a lightness, so many ideas, thoughts, originality and colors. And as I always say, all her paintings have a soul and that’s why they are exceptional to me.

Zuzka Mikulová, Prague, painting: Family Crystal

The painter Petra Skopalová has a great gift to link art with the human soul. I wanted the painting to depict myself and Petra managed to breathe “my life” into a mix of colors and shapes… She has my great admiration and thanks. She taught me to see a story in geometry.

Karina Fantová, Prague, painting: Balance

When I first looked at Petra Skopalová’s online gallery, I was touched by the colors, shapes and finally the movement that she can elegantly add to each of her paintings. Movement represents life for me. It almost springs out of her paintings. I started to long for at least one of her pictures. The discussion I had with Petra about the picture was highly interesting, and I could see how her eyes started to glow, as she was already painting in her head. The result fully enchanted me. The painting immediately became an integral part of my physiotherapeutic office and it thrills not just me, but also the people I work with. I already know that one painting will not be enough for me!

Jaroslav Zelenka, Prague, painting: Tensegrity

We have pondered over a type of painting that would fit in our home for a long time. We could not come to a conclusion until we confided our problem to Petra Skopalová. She listened carefully, came for a visit, and after a couple of weeks she was back with a very interesting painting which perfectly fits into the environment where we live. I like to stand near to this picture, which is just perfect. Thank you very much for your great job. We can recommend your works to anyone without any hesitation.

Patricie and Jiří Ritter, Prague, painting: Roundabouts

The young, talented painter Petra amazingly portrayed our family harmony through her subtle sense of geometry. The beautiful painting became a part of our family well-being.

Cimera family, Větrušice, painting: Harmony

Thanks to the painter Petra Skopalová my husband received the most beautiful Christmas gift in his whole life. The painting will always remind him of family love and well-being. Each day until the end, we will remember the amazing moments when our son was born and our mutual love that the painter was able to depict so beautifully. Petra Skopalová’s paintings are very personal and each of them breathes out the love with which she paints them. She is an unrivaled talent with an unbelievably touching life story that brought her to painting.

Iva Trübswasserová, Prague, painting: Trinity

Petra, as an artist, has beautifully captured our marriage anniversary in the painting. We have been together for 15 years, which is a long time. These years are pictured here through the symbol of infinity, a lemiscate, and the two of us are depicted as unique parts of each other, which gives us great joy. The beautiful certificate and personal delivery was just the proverbial cherry on the cake.

Thank you very much and we wish you many satisfied clients with all our heart.

Radka and Honza Aschler, Prague, painting: You and Me

We love the work of Petra Skopalová so much that we have acquired four of her paintings already and cannot imagine our home without them anymore. It’s amazing how Petra was able to weave the information we gave her into artworks that give us energy and joy of art at every sight. Petra Skopalová’s paintings are absolutely exceptional in both their artistic value and the emotions they emanate. All this is possible because Petra puts a piece of her heart in each artwork.

Zuzka and Tomáš Ščerba, Prague, painting: Harmony of Worlds

We own two paintings by Petra Skopalová and both were painted according to our wishes. The first was a birthday present for my wife and the other one was painted for our anniversary. We never owned any original painting before, and both pictures fully charmed us. They are not only original because they are the only existing version of the picture, but also in the way they were created, as they both came into being in complete harmony with our wishes, memories, experiences and the space we inhabit. At the same time, we became co-creators of the paintings because we shared our feelings, moods, memories and favorite colors with Petra. The intricacy of the paintings is complemented by a certificate with detailed description of the story they represent. Every visitor is fascinated by these paintings. I wish everyone could have an image capturing their own story painted by Petra for them.

Karolina and Pavel Janota, Praha-Lipence, painting: Eroticon

Before we met Petra Skopalová, our interest in paintings was marginal. After a visit to her exhibit opening and after meeting the artist in person, we wanted to own a custom made painting from her “workshop”. This wish has become reality. We enjoyed the numerous consultations that Petra offered during the time the painting was coming into being. The possibility to influence the title, the motifs and colors of the picture elated us, as did the charming personality and professional approach of the painter. We would like to recommend this unusual experience in the spirit of geometric abstraction to everyone.

Eva and Petr Volke, Prague, painting: The Journey

I would like to thank very much Ms. Skopalová for the painting entitled ” Anything You Want” which I commissioned from her. She completely understood my idea and portrayed it in her own distinctive way.

Margita Ježková, Turnov, painting: Anything You Want

Floating with the Sun became a part of our bedroom, whenever I find myself in the room, I always feel its atmosphere – sometimes I observe the lines, sometimes colors, sometimes I do not focus on anything specific, but it always has a positive impact on my psyche. It evokes life with all its joys and worries, but ultimately, the overall positive outlook always prevails. We are very pleased that our cooperation has led to such a beautiful work of art that is always a reservoir of positive energy for us.

Saskia and Vladimir Polomsky, Prague, picture: Floating with the Sun