Petra Skopalová – The art of geometric abstraction

My journey to art is a story of a big dream coming true. We all have innate unique talents that need time to bloom and ripen. My journey to abstract geometry started in grammar school with my admiration for geometry and math. I used this love in my university studies of economics and later in my career in investment banking.

My job as an investment banker taught me to listen to clients and to design made-to-measure solutions for them. With the same love I used to create investment portfolios I now create abstract paintings to fit the wishes of my clients. The only thing that changed is the way of expressing myself, as I turned from economics to pure geometry. Furthermore, I added colors so that the emotions and ideas could be better personified in the paintings.

My first independent public exhibition took place in 2013 in Prague. It was followed by exhibits in galleries in New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Rotterdam, Ibiza and Basel. In addition to works that I exhibit around the world, I like to work on commissions that are custom made and reflect the private world of my clients.

I also support various design projects, such as the Arcade of Czech Design, and Bohemia Design. Furthermore, I create design products that can be bought on I like to bring art to the world of business, so I also offer my paintings for rent for business offices.

“I love colors and geometry. Geometric abstraction offers a unique way for me to depict the world around me. Purity of shape, clarity and color are the language I use.”

“I love colors and geometry. Geometric abstraction offers a unique way for me to depict the world around me. Purity of shape, clarity and color are the language I use.”


After moving into a new apartment we could not agree with my husband how to decorate two walls, each of us had a different idea. Fortunately we met Ms. Skopalová who helped us to clarify what we want and what the paintings should represent. In this process, a special story of two pictures came into being, which we love to tell our visitors. We can highly recommend working with Ms. Skopalová.

Ivana and Jaroslav Mach, Zbraslav, painting: Shall We Dance

The picture painted for me by Petra Skopalová fulfilled or even surpassed my expectations. I want to emphasize that I really enjoyed Petra’s individual approach: she did not hesitate to come to our house, explained the process of creation to me, talked about colors, shapes and stories behind her canvases, but also looked at the place where the painting would be installed. Thanks to this preparation, she was able not only to create geometric abstract painting composed of the colors I fancied, but also to capture the moods, feelings and wishes I described to her.

Marcela Fialová, Prague, painting: The Moment of Falling Asleep

We love the work of Petra Skopalová so much that we have acquired four of her paintings already and cannot imagine our home without them anymore. It’s amazing how Petra was able to weave the information we gave her into artworks that give us energy and joy of art at every sight. Petra Skopalová’s paintings are absolutely exceptional in both their artistic value and the emotions they emanate. All this is possible because Petra puts a piece of her heart in each artwork.

Zuzka and Tomáš Ščerba, Prague, painting: Harmony of Worlds