I fell in love with colors and geometry. Geometric abstraction has been an amazing tool for me to capture and describe the world around me. Clean lines, precise shapes and shades of colors create the language by which my paintings communicate, transfer joy and calm the mind.

My web presentation invites you to my colorful world, introduces you not only to my paintings and ways of creating, but I also hope it could become an inspiration for your home or business space.

Petra Skopalová

About me

On my journey to self-expression through art, I gained practical knowledge and experience in several fields seemingly unrelated to art creation. Geometry and math have fascinated me since childhood, and I have always painted and sketched. However, I have always felt that art takes you beyond this, that it is a dialogue, the art of listening, learning and sharing with others. Only on this type of journey is it possible to find rapport with the outside world.

I started to showcase my paintings and to offer them to the general public for sale in 2013. My artistic work was greatly encouraged when my paintings were successfully exhibited in New York, Paris and Los Angeles.

I create abstract paintings either from my own imagination or custom made pictures according to the wishes of my clients. I love to create art that revives and animates office spaces. Occasionally, I use my designs to create a line of accessories. I enjoy what I do, I fully believe in it and my art always represents a piece of myself. I hope that I can share this inner strength with you as well.

What others have said about my work

“Petra Skopalová’s geometric abstract paintings can be best described as fresh and dynamic. Petra’s imagination allows her to form complex, riveting compositions, which she then complements with her characteristic colors, infusing the painting with strong emotionality so typical of her work.”
Elizabeth Duker-Gold

Director of Public Relations, AGORA GALLERY, New York

“Petra Skopalová’s fantastic expression of the pure energy of colors proves that colors can communicate to us through any language of the world. By mixing clean geometric shapes and dazzling bright colors, this international artist diligently creates breathtaking compositions that accent the powerful quality of simple shapes and forms.”
R. Tucker

Art Director and Gallery Curator, AMSTERDAM WHITNEY GALLERY, International Fine Art, Inc., New York

“Petra Skopalová creates extremely vibrant, pulsing and almost epic paintings. Her paintings can be compared to the colorful expressionist works of Frank Stella; their consistency, sense of composition and geometric visions relates them to the works of František Kupka, and their captivating simplicity links them to the creations of Nassos Daphnis. Thanks to her vigorous studio work, she became a real master in her field in a short time.”
Charlie Vaughn

Art curator, Art Platform NYC, New York